Wednesday, September 25, 2013

CapFABB + Neiman Marcus Fall Trend Event

Quick update: David's out of the hospital & is doing much better! He still has to have surgery (scheduled in 2 weeks) but for now he is much more stable. Thanks so much for all your thoughtful words & sweet thoughts <3 

A Cap FABB event was just what I needed to snap me out of the "hospital funk" I'd been in & lucky for me there was one at Neiman Marcus last night :) The event was a little smaller than most Cap FABB events probably due to the fact that last night was also the District Sample Sale & the Goodwill Gala, but I'm not complaining! I actually enjoy the smaller more intimate events because you can actually have conversations with people & get to know them more than just "what's your blog name?" "do you have a card?" .. etc. There really are so many beautiful & stylish women in the DMV area & I always love seeing how they've each styled their outfits for the meet-ups because each one has such a fun unique style. Before I get into a lot of the different styles that I saw last night I wanted to touch on some of the Fall trends Cusp touched on during the fashion preview.  The ones that I remember are Black & White / Rocker & Biker Chic / Bold Reds / Lace Noir / Menswear Inspired Pieces, to see pieces from each of these trends check out Cusp's Fall Trend Roundup!
A quick shot from the fashion preview, I loved her bold statement earrings!
I loved her forest green skinny jeans & was so excited to see a piece from Target's most recent collaboration with 3.1 Phillip Lim in person since I didn't have a chance to make it to the release. Of course I have to talk about the cookie monster in the room, aka her awesome DIY clutch bag which matched her perfectly manicured nails complete with the cutest little plaid detail.

Saumya [Myriad Musings]
I'm not very confident in my print mixing abilities, but I love seeing other people pull off the look! Her red & white grid patterned shirt & bright red lip added the perfect pop of color to her outfit & paired beautifully with the soft tones in her printed skirt. 

I haven't been a huge fan of the color combo black & pink for many years now, it's partially due to the fact that it reminds me of my "skater days" in middle school in which I rocked a pair of pink & black DC shoes. However, I'm pretty sure Kesha restored my faith in the color combo with how she styled her look .. I mean come on she looks so chic & polished!! Her geometric printed scarf & leopard belt added so much to her outfit & as always she was rocking the best accessory .. a beautiful smile :)
Ashley [You Love Bella] & Sharde [Vintage Appetites]
These stylish ladies were both rocking bold vintage blazers last night & I loved how each of them had a different take on how they styled them. Ashley paired her brocade style blazer with a fitted brown trowser & lace up booties to create a more formal look. Sharde on the other hand styled her hot pink oversized blazer with a relaxed boyfriend style jean & a tee for a more casual look. 
I spotted Jammzhy early in the night & was so glad that I got a chance to snap a picture of her before she left! I was immediately drawn to the beautiful detailing on her sheer shirt which she informed me is still available at the Lookbook Store. She's going to be starting up a blog soon so keep your eyes open for her because she's definitely a stylish chick :)
Ana [Ana in Style
First off I have to commend Ana because she always looks so effortlessly polished & put together (not an easy task, I need to take pointers)! I read this blog post of her's earlier in the day & was excited to see her gorgeous printed dress up close. Her outfit incorporates several Fall trends including the various shades of red as well as black & white. 

Veronica [EE Cuffs]
This talented lady pulls off the Fall trend of 'Rocker Chic' like a pro, & can we talk about her peep toe booties?! Her oxblood skirt & dark lip tie in perfectly with the rest of her outfit & have me so pumped to bust out all my dark lipsticks in honor of the chillier temps & pretty leaves! Make sure to check out her site & take a look at all the gorgeous cuffs she makes :)
I had to throw in this picture of Trisha & I from the end of the night because I LOVE it & I LOVE her <3 She's such a sweetheart & it's still so crazy to think that I probably would have never met her had we not started blogging. Oh yeah, & in case you didn't know we were also separated at birth & are in fact actually twins .. not convinced, no worries I have PROOF! Anyways, if you're reading this blog & are still nervous about coming to a meet-up stop procrastinating & come .. who knows you might even end up making a great friend :) Check back tomorrow for a complete post of the outfit I'm wearing <3


  1. Hey sweetie!!! Still love seeing all your posts!!! And always drooling to your eats!! Hope all is well!

    1. It's so great to hear from you! I miss all your scrumptious food posts, things are good over here & I hope you're doing well :)

  2. Love the dress you're wearing! You look gorgeous! xoxo.

    1. Thank you darling, it's an authentic vintage piece I thrifted forever ago :)

  3. Thank you so much for the sweet comment!!
    Bjs, Ana


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