Thursday, August 8, 2013

Unicorn Brunch

I know this post is a day later than promised, but I spent the entirety of yesterday on the couch coughing up my lungs & sneezing my life away. Anywho, I wore this outfit to my birthday brunch this past Sunday at Lost Society. The buffet brunch there was absolutely scrumptious & included mac&cheese, kale salad, & cuban sandwiches to name just a few of my favorite dishes they had. The bottomless mimosas & fantastic company were also a nice touch to wrap up my birthday weekend festivities :) I wanted to make sure that I was dressed comfortably in clothes with a little bit of stretch so I wore my FAVORITE crochet shorts & my new tank .. I mean come on it was a buffet after all! 

When Skip N' Whistle asked me to pick out a shirt from their line I thought it'd be an easy decision, little did I know just how many cute & super soft tops they carried. I wanted to pick out a fun shirt that was different from anything that I had in my closet & opted for "Unicorns are Lame" said nobody ever. At first I thought that it might be hard to find different ways to style it, but it's surprisingly versatile & I can't wait to share the other ways that I'm going to wear it :) I also thought that this shirt fit in perfectly with their concept of wanting to create t-shirts that are conversation pieces. I'm very pleased with the quality & fit of this tank & am trying to decide which one to get for my little sister who's birthday is at the end of this month! Wyndra, I know you're probably reading this so the cat is out of the bag & now you know what you're getting for your b-day lol. Anyways, I have to get back to drinking my Alka-Seltzer cold& cough .. yum yum. 

PS: Yesterday was my 3 year wedding anniversary, that's CRAAAAZY! I tell you I really lucked out because nearly 7 years later & I still have the best partner, best friend, & lover in the whole entire universe who makes me happier than I could have ever imagined .. oh yeah & he surprised me with a dozen roses & a family size bag of reese's pieces (he's a keeper) <3

Thanks again Vivi for taking my pictures!!


  1. ...theres that bun that i love & that cute girl "wave" the 'fit!

  2. You look super cute!! Love the T!!
    BJs, Ana


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