Thursday, August 22, 2013

"Top" it off with a Dress

I'm back & better than ever now that I'm finished with my Econ class .. A- baby!! I have one more free week until classes begin again, so I've had a very full week filled with lots of fun events :) Two nights ago I finally got to try out a restaurant I'd been dying to dine at thanks to some very scrumptious looking instagram brunch pictures. Lucky for me I have friends nice enough to assist me in carrying out those dreams, thanks Keri & Vivi for accompanying me to Eatonville & being such great company! Before I met up with them I went through the typical dilemma of "I have nothing to wear" .. sound familiar!? Well, lucky for me I read & follow a LOT of blogs which are chalked full of tons of ideas & inspiration. Recently I saw a post where the blogger wore a skirt over a dress to create a whole entire different look, so while rummaging through my closet I came across a fun party dress just waiting to be restyled! Before I show you the outfit that I wore to dinner, I want to show you what the dress looks like by itself. Below is how I styled the dress for a night out in Vegas, so needless to say I had to find a way to make it more conservative & appropriate for dinner :)
After dinner Vivi & I were so full we weren't sure we wanted to do outfit pictures, but when I saw the colorful mural at the U St. metro I just had to! I wish all of the metros had fun murals painted on the walls because it totally brightens up the entire place & makes it more cheery! The weather here in D.C. has been so HOTT & stuffy lately even though we're reaching the end of summer. There was NO way I could wear anything with sleeves, so I opted for this light denim button up & my favorite d.i.y. thrifted skirt for an easy breezy look complete with a fun statement necklace. 
Top-THRIFTED, Dress worn as Top-MOTEL ROCKS via ASOS, Necklace-CHARM
Skirt-D.I.Y. THRIFTED, Purse-HM, Flats-RAINBOW

Now that you've seen how I've restyled my dress I know that you're itching to create your own new look, but before you go remember the details below <3

How to wear a dress as a top

I hope that this simple little step by step "guide" if you can even call it that helps you to see how many "new" free pieces you have in your closet already! Check back tomorrow for another post on how to make the most out of the clothes you already have in your closet :)


  1. I love the Vegas look! Gorgeous :)

  2. Really cute, love the idea :)
    Bjs, Ana

  3. It's like my closet has expanded :P Thanks for the tip- both looks are fab on you!

  4. I love the dress alone! Gives you a totally different look! But I do love mixing and matching I do this with sweaters in the fall over dresses.


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