Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: Tasty Eatin'

Summer Tasting Event @Walish Gooshe by Tasty
Naked Wings w. Curry Sauce // Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs
My Plate :) & YES that is lobster mac n cheese // Signature Boxed Lunches

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending a Summer Tasting Event at Walish Gooshe which was catered by Tasty. Yes, their name is Tasty which pretty much means they were destined to end up here for Tasty Tuesdays :) Tasty is a relatively new catering company, but owner Ayanna Scott is well versed in the kitchen! We got to try a variety of their dishes throughout the course of the evening & I have to say the lobster mac&cheese & naked wings with curry sauce now have a special place in my heart. Be sure to follow Tasty on instagram @TheTastyCater & if you want to learn more feel free to contact Ayanna at ayanna@scottnco.com.

Dinner Date @Eatonville with Keri & Vivi
Fried Green Tomatoes $8
Cornbread Muffins $2
Our Beautiful Table Scape :)
Hushpuppy $8
Shrimp & Oyster Po Boy w. Mac & Cheese $14

As you can see last week I ate like a Queen! This week's intense gym workouts are definitely necessary after all the indulging, but the food was totally delicious. Last Tuesday myself, Keri, & Vivi dined at Eatonville for a nice evening of catching up & stuffing our faces :) For "appetizers" we had the cornbread muffins, hushpuppy, & fried green tomatoes .. the reason appetizers is in parenthesis is because they didn't come out til nearly 45 minutes after we ordered with our entrees. As a former server I expect a little bit more than that, but I have to give it to our server because she sincerely apologized as well as brought us a complimentary dessert which we all shared. As far as the food everything was pretty tasty, but if I came back here the only dishes I'd "HAVE" to order again would be the fried green tomatoes & mac&cheese. It was such a fun night with excellent company & definitely a nice little break from the work week/reality :) 


  1. I had the FGT at Eatonville over the weekend. SO GOOD. This food looks incredible. Is it Thursday yet? ;) xoxo.

  2. Everything looks delicious!!!
    Bjs, Ana

  3. OMG! all of that looks delicious! Yummo!

    Vogue & Vintge

  4. Nom! One of the many things I love about DC is getting to know more "Southern" type dishes that I'd never heard of in NJ. Eatonville is fantastic for that. Hushpuppies- yes please!!

  5. Their food is sooo good. Loved the Po boy when I went.


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