Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: Gordon Ramsay's STEAK

It's no secret that I love food, but normally I do have limits set in place especially price wise to ensure that I don't end up homeless aka when I Yelp I never go over [$$] unless it's a special occasion. All those rules were pushed to the wayside [$$$$ eeeek] when we decided to have one last "Family Dinner" before departing fabulous Las Vegas! We decided on Gordon Ramsay's STEAK at the beautiful Paris Hotel, and boy did they deliver :)
Lovely friends at our last meal in Vegas
The ambiance of the entire restaurant was beautiful & the complimentary bread plate they brought out was unreal! It had fresh focaccia, pin wheels (bacon & gruyere/ fig), & a heartier bread. 
I ordered the 8oz Kobe American Skirt Steak prepared Medium Rare & it was so rich & delicious that I could barely finish it. This coming from someone who goes by the affectionate nickname of "Garbage Disposal" & can eat an entire Donato's pepperoni pizza by herself .. yeah don't over order, the food is so fantastic & rich that you'll end up getting full before you know it! PS: it was my first time trying Kobe Steak & if you haven't tried it yet you NEEEED to get on that ASAP.
Since the steaks don't come with sides our table ordered (LtoR) the Fingerling Potatoes with truffle, Creamy Parmesan Spinach, & the SCRUMPTIOUS Mac&Cheese complete with bleu, Parmesan, & cheddar cheeses :)
Even though I was stuffed & we were tight on time I HAD to try their legendary "Bread & Butter" dessert of Sticky Toffee Pudding with a side of Brown Butter Ice Cream. I thought the presentation was absolutely adorable & the ice cream was phenomenal, probably the best I've ever had! 
Top-TOBI, Necklace-CHARM, Skirt-THRIFTED (DIY), Shoes-MIA

Needless to say after all that food & sitting down my outfit was significantly tighter & had acquired tons of additional wrinkles lol. My overall experience with Steak was a fantastic one thanks to our attentive & friendly server, the tremendous flavor & quality of the food, & the of course the best company :) If you're in Vegas & looking to have a special memorable meal I would definitely recommend this place & all the dishes mentioned above! 

Check back tomorrow to see my Birthday Brunch outfit & the debut of the cutest/funniest/comfiest tank top in my closet at the moment courtesy of Skip N' Whistle <3

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  1. Before even reading the description, I honestly thought that WAS bread and butter. Like, legit. Amazing. They did a good job with the display/creation. Completely fooled me.


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