Monday, August 12, 2013

Summer Ballerina

So yeah this post is pretty spastic & these photos are from several weeks ago. This past week I was dead with a virus for 3 days strait which sucked because my econ final was due last night at midnight .. fast forward to yesterday when I lost my balance & stepped on my laptop aka I broke it :( Yeah, so I had to zoom off to get a new one bye bye $$ & hello to unsubsidized college loans sucking the life out of me & my wallet wahhhhhhh! Onto better things last night I celebrated my birthday (AGAIN) with my husband's family which was absolutely scrumptious as always, especially since there was eggplant parm & mac&cheese involved :)  Whoot glad to be back to smiley & not frowny faced emoticons! To add to my list of positive stuff, they got me the most PERFECT transition heel which I will be debuting later!!!

I wore this outfit to pizza night at my in-law's house & SHOULD have taken the outfit pictures before stuffing my face with 2342739827 slices of pizza lol. I've had this skirt for over 3 years & only worn it two times due to the fact that it's so short, but I justified wearing it by the fact that I had a onesie on .. that makes it ok right?! These sandals are another item that doesn't get to see much sunlight, truthfully I think it's because they were hidden under some winter clothes in the back of my closet .. whoopsies.

Whew, if you made it through that entire post you're a trooper & you should reward yourself tonight by going to screen on the green :)


  1. Awww, sorry to hear you were sick...and that you brok the laptop. :-( On the flip side, you're skirt is super cute!!! :-)


  2. You are so adorable. Love this skirt, you look fab!


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