Saturday, August 3, 2013

Lyft's DC Kick-Off Party!

After spending my last weekend in NYC & experiencing more blisters on my feet from walking than I'd care to admit, it's only right that the Karma Gods would send a new car service my way :) This past Thursday (yup on my b-day) David & I stopped by 1776 for Lyft's DC Kock-Off party .. where to begin there were pink fuzzy mustaches & an open bar #happycamper! Not only can these people throw a mean party they're also super generous & are offering a $20 Lyft credit to all of you with the code: PichRoor.
All you have to do is download their free Lyft app & request a ride, it's that simple :) . Also, I can personally vouch for this service because I used Lyft later that night to go get dinner. Our driver was really friendly & best of all we got to use our free Lyft credit, so make sure that you take advantage of their great offer & don't waste your $$ on a cab!

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  1. Looked like such a fun event! Love the pink mustache on the car!

    Suzie Q


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