Friday, August 2, 2013

Happy Birthday Pink Power Ranger

My obsession with pink really has taken over my life, but hey I'm not mad about it! A few moths ago David & I were at the mall looking for a birthday present for a friend when we both decided we were "in the mood" don't be nasty people I mean in the mood to do some serious shopping :) Usually David doesn't enjoy shopping, but when he gives me the green light that he's willing to hit up multiple stores it's on!! On this particular day I decided to stop into American Eagle because I'd seen some other bloggers wearing cute stuff from them recently & I was pleasantly surprised to find the brightest hot pink jumper of all time :) I wore this romper while in Vegas as well as last night for my Birthday dinner at Recess. More about the shoes at the bottom <3

Onto the shoes!! I bought them two months ago & have been impatiently waiting to wear them on my birthday :) The whole concept of "Birthday Shoes" started on my 20th birthday when I bought myself my first ever pair of "nice heels" (pictured here), the only requirement for "Birthday Shoes" are that they have to be something special & unique aka a pair that you absolutely love & regularly you wouldn't buy because they're "fun" & not an everyday shoe .. but hey that's what make them B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y S-H-O-E-S <3 I haven't regretted any of the previous year's b-day shoes & will work hard to carry on this tradition for as long as I live .. anything to help feed my shoe addiction :)


  1. aww such a cute outfit! Love the shoes.

  2. Love the outfit Waverly! Very cute!

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