Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wale LIVE @PalmsPoolLV

I CAN NOT process that today is the last day that I will be 2-3?!?! Insert freakout, just kidding it's really not that big of a deal .. but next year when I hit that quarter century mark there's no telling what I might do. In all honesty though, I'm very grateful to have had these past 23 years on this beautiful earth with fabulous inspiring people which is something that I often take for granted. So THANK YOU 23, you've been great but I'm ready to take on 24 & see all the great things that it has in store :) One of the many highlights from this last year (ok it was less than a month ago, who cares) was when I got to see Wale preform live at the Palm's Pool in Las Vegas. It was our first full day in Vegas & The Palm's Pool had such a great energy that I would have been completely content just hanging out there, but the live performance was the icing on the cake! 
Right before he went up & I had to fight to keep my spot close to the front :)
Yup, I'm a nerd & I was pretty excited for the performance.
"work, work, work, work, yeah you know I got that work"
Nathalie & I 
(peep the lady on the right lol)

One of my fun/silly little goals for 24 is to go to more concerts, so far I've been to Coldplay, Evermore, Ploy, Miguel, Kelly Rowland, & now Wale .. a short list but a good list that's begging for more! Another goal I have for 24 is to keep up with traveling, we're hoping to go to Europe next summer so until then we'll probably only be taking small local trips. Do you set "goals" for yourself with every new year?? If you do what are they, I'd love to hear <3

PS: He preformed in Alexander McQueen sweatpants .. yup I don't know why that's relevant I just thought it was funny & it caught me off guard. Oh yeah & check back tomorrow to see what this year's "birthday shoes" are :)

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  1. Happy Birthday! Oh and wait to you reach 26, I'm still in denial about my age.

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