Friday, July 12, 2013


As you're reading this little post I will be recovering from my first night in VEGAS!!!! I had so much fun packing for this trip & picking what outfits to bring :) The hardest part was narrowing down what shoes to bring (lack of space), because this chick is NOT throwing away $50 on checked-in luggage no thanks I'd rather buy some new clothes! Two of the outfits that I'm really excited to wear include a hot pink jumpsuit I scored at American Eagle on sale for $25 (& it actually is long enough on my body!!!!) & a simple black & white crop top that I plan to wear with my newly updated thrifted skirt. Now on to vacationing, see you ladies back here TUESDAY <3


  1. the lipsticks you picked out are cute, love how bold they are
    Deejay Speaks

  2. How exciting! Have fun! I checked out some of your photos on instagram. I love that picture of you in the hot pink. What shoes did you wear with them? Looking forward to seeing the whole outfit. =)


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