Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: Tacos El Gordo

When I tell you I love tacos, I mean that I could live on them & YES I put that theory to the test! Three years ago I went to Cancun with a group of girlfriends & we literally ate at the same hole in the wall taco stand every day for a week, I'm talking breakfast, lunch, dinner, & drunk meal (roughly 3-4AM). The point is that this girl loves tacos, so when I was busy YELP-ing my life away prepping for Vegas & came across Tacos El Gordo I knew it was going down!! We walked all the way from New Vegas to Tacos El Gordo which is located towards Old Vegas, so by the time that we finally reached our destination we had built up some serious sweat hunger. 
Excited to dig into our tacos, especially since they were only $2 a piece!!
Tacos al Pastor with all the toppings including a fresh slice of pineapple
Sopes de Carnitas, it was so flavorful & left me so stufffffed that I couldn't even finish it
Sopes de Chorizo ... need I say more, look at all those beautiful colors & melted cheese :)

We ended up eating there two times & both times the place was packed!! Everyone working there speaks Spanish & the whole restaurant has a warm & inviting family vibe to it. This place is super authentic, tasty, & affordable, so the next time you're in Vegas make sure to make time for Tacos el Gordo <3


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  2. why did i read this post during my lunch break?!!! mad cravings for greasy mexican... thank you.


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