Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: Siri's Chef Secret

First off, just like the old quote says "Don't Judge a Book by its Cover" the same goes for restaurants, or at least Siri's Chef Secret. This place really is a secret, in fact I'd driven by it every time I'd gone to the gym & NEVER noticed it! The exterior is plain & dated, but thank goodness we read enough positive reviews on YELP to convince us that it was a place worth trying. David & I LOVE Thai food, specifically Pad Kee Mao also known as 'Drunken Noodles' so we were excited to find a new Thai restaurant close to us. 
Since it was a Friday & our "Date Night" we started off with some beverages :)
I had the Piña Colada which was super refreshing & David stayed classic with a beer.
We've had bad luck with Calamari at restaurants lately so we opted for something new, & we we're very happy that we did because the Kanom Jeeb (Steamed crab meat, shrimp, chicken & water chestnut dumplings) was scrumptious & definitely peaked our appetites. 
The PARTY has arrived, the Drunken Noodles aka the reason why we came to eat in the first place!! You can get it with either beef, chicken, or shrimp (we both got chicken this time) & it's prepared with fresh noodles, Thai chili, broccoli, peppers, onions, tomatoes and basil leaves.
Where to begin?!? Our server was really nice & attentive so I was hoping that those qualities would also translate into him being an expert at reading my mind for what I wanted to eat for dessert ...ding ding ding I was right & boy was the dessert FANTASTIC!!! It was both of our first times trying Thai Sticky Rice with Mango, & let me tell you I don't know how I've gone this long without knowing this lovely dessert :) It's the perfect balance between the coconut rice & the sweet mango .. seriously go quit your day job & spend the rest of your life eating this, you won't regret it!

Yup, that's about all I have to say on this Thai food matter & I will definitely be visiting Siri's Chef Secret again :) If you live in Greenbelt or College Park you should definitely check it out, & if you're metro accessible to the Green Line you're also in luck because it's only a few minutes away from the College Park Metro.

On another note I'm leaving for VEGAS on THURSDAY & I'm out of my mind with excitement!!! If any of you have been there before please tell me all your secrets & tips, thanks :)


  1. i also love Thai food -- especially drunken noodles. i HIGHLY recommend the drunken noodles as East Street Cafe in Union Station! depending on the cook that day, i have gotten the dish so spicy it made my eyes water + my nose run -- which is a GOOD thing, in my book!
    and since you're a fan of pina coladas and other things coconut, i recommend getting yourself a coconut mojito sometime. you won't regret it. ;)

    1. Ohhh Yay Team Spicy :) I will definitely add it to me list of "must trys", thank you for the suggestion!

  2. Believe it or not I've never tried Thai food before. There is a new Thai Restaurant downtown and I super wanted to try it out. I hope my first Thai food experience will be yummmmy and I also hope that they have Kanom Jeeb, that sounds and looks really goooooood!

    1. OMG you HAVE to go there & try Drunken Noodles!!! Let me know if you go & how you like the food :)

  3. I legit found out about this place when I did a Google search on my phone 'thai restaurant greenbelt lanham'. Kid you not. Then this Siri's Chef Secret popped up and I'm like, how come I never knew such a place existed. I mean, I always stop by the CVS whenever I hit up Chipotle but not once did I look next to the CVS and see that the little building next to it housed some fantastic food. Not. Once.

    Anywho, that was a couple of months ago and I'm still hooked. Can't get too crazy up in there since I'm on this healthy journey shit but I love the food. Let's do our date there!


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