Saturday, July 6, 2013

Patio Furniture Modeling

Modeling my parent's patio furniture .. ahhh the glamorous life ;) Three weekends ago I visited my family in Ohio for my bi-yearly trip back to my homeland. It's always so great seeing everyone & seeing how much my little sister has grown, I can't believe that she'll be starting HIGH SCHOOL this year!? One of my most fond memories from growing up was watching old classic movies with my Mom like Swiss Family Robinson, Singing in the Rain, My Fair Lady, West Side Story, & The King & I. Of course when I walked out with my hair in a super top knot she had something to say & told me that I looked like one of the King's children from the King & I .. unfortunately she was pretty spot on (Proof!). Anyways, earlier in the day I went to Target looking for a swimsuit for my little sister, & ended up scoring two pairs of printed skinny jeans for only $13 each .. oh Target you get me every time! We ended up getting dinner later that night at The Explorer's Club & I thought I would give my newly purchased pants some excitement as well as test their "stretchy factor" .. they passed with flying colors :)

Lucky for me my entire family offered to take my outfit pictures, the SUPER close up is totally my Mom's doing .. she loves to get up close & personal lol. Also, how adorable are Wyndra's lacey jeans shorts she DIY'd herself!? Looking at these pictures makes me a little homesick, but thanks to technology they're only 1 Skype call away :)


  1. I love how you done your hair.

  2. You are so pretty! I love your pants, they are perfect for summer!

    Anna from Anna's Mirror


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