Friday, July 26, 2013

Boyfriend Tees & Wedge Booties

I feel like this is going to be a long post since I have 4 hours until I get to NY, so there's really not much for me to get done except this post :) Ok let's start from the beginning, I was born in a living room .. just kidding I won't take it back that fat but just to clear things up I really was born in a living room lol. Ok I'll try to stay focused & go back to my point which is that I really do LOVE BLOGGING! Since I was little I always loved getting dressed & picking out all my outfits the night before & laying them out perfectly so that I could slip into them the next morning. Through the years I started to help my Momma pick out her outfits and help her pack for trips since she is a CHRONIC over packer. I've wanted to pursue fashion for as long as I can remember, but always wrote it off for the same reasons a lot of people never go for what they truly want because of thoughts like "everyone else is smarter, cooler, more talented than me .. why would they pick me??" I finally came to the conclusion recently that all those thoughts are preventing me from achieving my true potential, & that even though some of those thoughts are probably right I mean come on I feel like every girl these days is like I'm a stylist/shopper/blah blah blah and that's totally cool but it definitely is a bit intimidating. Yup, I think that pretty much ties up the first part of my rambling .. Oh yeah you want a point after committing to reading that long blurb .. the point is YOU CAN DO IT, go for what you want & go for it with all you have!!  

For those of you who don't know me personally or do know me, whether this is your 10th time stopping by or your first thanks so much for stopping by & taking time to check out my blog :) Oh yeah also I'm sure most of you know my "Waverly Pose" that I'm always doing (most recently here, here, here, here) if you haven't figured out why that arm always lands on my hip with one leg crossing the other it's because I'M SO AWKWARD AT TAKING OUTFIT PHOTOS & I usually have to disturb my lovely husband from whatever he's in the middle of doing (reading/watching sports/working out) so I sort of feel a bit rushed .. yeah so that's why I do that pose. Serious kudos to those of you who know how to look off in the distance without looking hostile or constipated because I don't think I'll ever be able to do it lol. So yeah I decided to subject you all to one of the typical outfit shots that never sees "blog light" (my blog/the light of day) yeah I know I just insulted your intelligence, I promise it wasn't on purpose :) 

PS: Check out our cute little baby vacuum creepin into my outfit post. Oh yeah I wore this outfit on Wednesday when Trisha & I went out for pizza & sangrias at Piola!
Men's Shirt-GAP, Necklace-THRIFTED, Shorts-MOD DEALS, Booties-JESSICA SIMPSON

Wishing you all a fantastic weekend & if you want to follow my NYC adventures I'll be instagramming my life away as usual @WaveeeyB <3


  1. My husband HATES taking outfit pictures...and he doesn't like that I am always so dressed up when we leave the house..even on casual dates he says I dress up too much...but I have always been like that...I just love dressing up..but now that I take pictures he says its taking pictures yourself is very awkward...haha

  2. Bahaha you are so random & funny, I love it! My boyfriend also hates taking my pictures so I always feel rushed and then come home to what I feel is sub-quality pix :( We should grab drinks one day & we can take our time shooting our outfits... that way we can practice all those poses :)

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