Monday, July 22, 2013

Beachin' It

Hi people :) I'm taking a little break (just 1 day) from Vegas posts to share with you a couple pictures from yesterday's trip to the beach :) There's nothing better than spending quality time with the ones you love especially when that time is spent at the BEEEACH! We grabbed some snacks & sun screen, and we were on the road to Delaware to Cape Henlopen State Park for an afternoon of sunbathing & swimmin.
Beautiful clear sky
My LOVE <3
Yummy B.L.T. & Sunchips
Beach Essentials
Attempt at 'Pich & Roor' in the sand :)
My cutie lil s.i.l.
Beach Chic
My beautiful Seeestars

Ohh yeah & to end our trip with a little *BANG* I got stung by a jellyfish ... wahhhh :( Luckily the pain & stinging went away after about 15 minutes, but that little moment didn't even put a dent in the great times that we had. Ahh such a nice break from reality & in a couple of days I'm taking another little break to the big apple, NYC I'm excite!

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