Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: Baked Parmesan Spinach

I'm starting to see a pattern in the recipes that I post .. they're NOT glamorous! You know what, that's totally ok with me because I care much more about the taste than its' appearance :) This week has been a bit exhausting & I still have so much more stuff to get done before it's over. The grant I'm writing at work is due tomorrow, I have a research paper due Sunday, and then there are a million other little projects that I've been putting off around my apartment .. whew I feel much better now thanks for letting me complain! I've done so much writing this week between the grant & my research paper that I don't feel like explaining this recipe, but you're in luck because I took this recipe from Annie's Eats & she does a great job explaining it. Just in case you're like me & do better with pictures I've provided you with the spectacular iPhone images below ;)
 Turn heat up to Med/High & mix leaves every couple minutes.
 Ahh it's shrunken down so much!
 Dump the wilted spinach into a pot of cold water.
 Add butter, flower, & spinach together + (my secret a splash of cream)
 Add TONS of shredded Parmesan cheeeeese :)
PERFECTION!!! I literally ate the enter thing except for 3 bites which I saved for breakfast lol 

If you're trying to get more dark greens into your diet & refuse to eat raw ones then this recipe is for you! Ahhh love this recipe & I can't say enough good things about it .. Thanks Annie <3


  1. Oh my shiz, it is SO HARD to get pretty pictures of even the most photogenic dishes! Not to mention that some of the tastiest, nicest dishes just aren't photogenic in the first place! So don't worry, I feel you. My only question is how you managed to get by on only three bites for breakfast? ;)

    1. haha don't worry I ate plenty more than just those 3 bites for breakfast. I just felt that by saving those 3 bites I could still say "hey at least I didn't eat the whole thing" :)


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