Sunday, June 9, 2013

Crayola Summer

Even though I was running a little late for yesterday's Style Evolutionized I had to snap some quick pictures of my "pre-runway" outfit :) My whole outfit excluding the purse & sunnies cost under $20 .. pretty much my favorite type of outfit! If any of you are still "Thrift Store Virgins" I am URGING you to run to your nearest thrift store & check out all they have to offer .. specifically the jeans section. I D.I.Y.'d these cut off shorts from a pair of thrifted mom jeans last summer & I can't even count how many times I've worn them, they literally go with EVERYTHING (Proof: here, here, & here)!! I also made an ombre & lace pair of denim shorts from a pair of thrift store jeans, so if that's a little bit more your style check out this D.I.Y.  <3
Necklace-F21, Purse-F21, Sunnies-THRIFTED

Check back tomorrow for some behind the scene shots from the Style Evolutionized Runway Show!


  1. Cute, Waverly!!! I like those blazers you've got in your hand too!! :-)


  2. I have to admit I've never been thrifting! I don't really have the patience for it but I'm always impressed when people find things and make them new again like those shorts!


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