Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Belly Buttons & Blue Skirts

I should have titled this post "The secret of how to look & feel skinny when you don't feel skinny", because I really think I'm on to something here folks! By no means am I saying that this look makes me look really thin or anything crazy, but it does allow me to get away with wearing a crop-top while still being able to indulge in food with names like "little miss piggy burger" & "chicken bacon pizza" .. NOW have I gotten your attention?? The key is to identify the smallest part of your body, & no your pinky doesn't count!! For me personally & I think a large majority of women our smallest part of our torso is the upper part of our waist under our boobs. Now that you've identified that part you need to find a skirt that sits comfortably midway through your "skinny spot" which will draw attention to your smallest part & away from some of the "hungrier" spots :) Although I think anyone should be able to wear whatever they feel comfortable in I understand that not everyone may be up for taking the plunge & buying a crop-top, so you can pair whatever you want up there or knot a tee-shirt in the back to mimic a crop-top like I did here. Still don't think you can rock a crop top, check out how adorable Lauren of the Pear Shape looks in her knotted button up & high waisted skirt here where she shares tips on crop tops.
Top-ASOS, Necklace-SHECKYS, Skirt-THRIFTED (DIY), 
Sunnies-WINDSOR, Shoes-MACYS

This outfit was so comfy & the perfect choice for a night on the town! We started off Ashley's birthday festivities at One Lounge where the sangria was flowing & the food was filling. 1/2 a "Little Miss Piggy Burger" & 1/2 a pizza later I rolled out of there & the night began! It was such a fun laugh filled evening with great company & just what I needed :) Check back here tomorrow to see how I styled the 2nd outfit of my thrifted skirt series & the debut of my new glasses <3


  1. this outfit is TO DIE! i love it. how did you make your skirt? i would love a tutorial. i seriously want that outfit!


    1. Aww I'm so glad that you like it!! I think that this shade of blue looks great on almost everybody :) I'm going to post 2 more thrifted skirt ideas this week & at the end I'm going to include a tutorial of how to hem them.

  2. adore those shoes, love the outfit! Great colors... all around BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. nice outfit, girl :)
    i've just posted one with blue skirt, too
    check out :)


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