Sunday, May 19, 2013

Tents & Topknots

Thursday night I attended Cap FABB's 2 year anniversary at The Front Row in Bethesda. The night started at the Landmark Theater where they were holding a screening of 'The Tents' a documentary about the history behind New York Fashion Week. The documentary was very interesting & informative & the fact that we got to attend a Q&A session with the Director/Producer afterwards was even cooler. After the screening we all went to Vapiano for drinks & finger food, my favorite :) DC has been getting muggier lately so I've been going for topknots/sock buns most days including last Thursday. It was also one of those days where I felt I had "nothing to wear" so I'm not exactly 100% in love with this outfit, but I thought I'd post it anyways.


  1. Um...your new site design is awesome! Meanwhile, glad you had a good time at the meetup. Seems like a pretty nice turnout.

    Loving the DIY vest.

  2. Such a cute vest! And those ladies seem amaze-beans! I love the new site layout :) glad your having a good time -Window

  3. Love the new design!!! Sad that I missed the event, but it sure looks like it was fun!
    BJs, Ana

  4. I knew something looked different. Lovin the new design. Oh and I super love your top bun! I just started following you on instagram and my goodness, I am loving all the outfit photos and well all the photos in general. =)


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