Thursday, May 2, 2013

Blogger Scene @ Mari Vanna

First off I have to say CONGRATS to Ashley, Natalie, & Erika for a pulling off a wonderful first Blogger Scene event!!! The fun & informative 'parshop' (party workshop) was filled with some of my favorite DMV bloggers as well as a lot of new faces. It was held at Mari Vanna in DuPont which really is the closest thing in the world to being in a live dollhouse/your Grandma's house .. it is amaaazing inside :) Below are some snaps from the evening & I'm going to be adding the rest of the pictures up later on the Pich & Roor FB page so stay tuned <3
I loved all the epic shoes & awesome nails at the event, but now I have a serious shopping bug & need for a manicure :) Can't wait for the next meetup!


  1. Dag. I missed out. Thanks for the brief recap. I will definitely be on the lookout for the rest of the photos on your FB page.

    You're gonna do an outfit post, right? Cause I'm loving what I'm seeing in your look.

  2. Haha, thanks for the nails shoutout! Digging your post and pictures, esp your friend's midirings!

  3. oooh everyone looks fab! And seeing all these awesome nails, makes me want to get my nails done right this minute, but I don't think I can find anything that is still open when it is almost midnight here. hehehehe

  4. sad i missed this event!! lover the watercolor floral print pumps!

  5. It was great meeting you at the event, Waverly! Hope to see you again soon :)


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