Thursday, April 25, 2013

Wine Country

What could be better than a beautiful day in the country side with one of your best friends & homemade wine?? Yup.. that's how I spent last Saturday :) I snagged up a Groupon for Philip Carter Winery at only $34 which included a tour, a wine tasting, & a picnic basket filled with little snacks. It was my first time visiting a vineyard so I wasn't too sure what to expect, needless to say I didn't think about what season we're in which resulted in there being zero vines but it was still beautiful. We tried several different red & white wines my favorite one was the 2012 Gov. Fauquier which reminded me of Meet the Fockers .. anyways we enjoyed a bottle of it as we soaked up the sun's beautiful rays & it was the perfect way to end the afternoon.
Ahh looking at these pictures makes me miss Jenn even more, but I'll remember this fun afternoon for years to come :) I definitely want to visit more vineyards & look forward to seeing some actual vines & grapes next time I go! PS: since this is a small family owned winery all the grapes are picked by hand .. crazy right!? Well I'm off to Florida tomorrow for my friend Nicole's wedding so I'm not sure if I'll be updating while I'm there, but I wish you all a fun filled weekend <3


  1. ooooh looks like a lot of fun. i used to live in Fairfield, California which is a bit near Napa. we used to go down to Napa for wine tasting. it was pretty fun. my fave place in Napa would have to be Castello di Amarosa. What's your favorite type of wine? I love moscato white wine.Cheers and have a happy week.

  2. Oh my God! This looks amazing! :) A great time with a friend, in a great place! I always loved these kind of picknicks! :)


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