Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: Truckeroo

For your viewing pleasure today's Tasty Tuesdays post is all about FOOD TRUCKS!!! This past Friday Jenn & I metro'd out to Truckeroo to sample some of the District's best eats on wheels :) 
We started out with the Lobster Roll "Connecticut Style" from Red Hook Lobster. This bad boy rang in at $15.00 & although the chunks of lobster were large & delicious the size of the roll was much smaller than we'd anticipated. The flavor & texture of the lobster was good, but I don't think that I'd purchase it again at that price (I rather sample more food lol). 
Next up the Pulled Pork BONMi [$8] ! I was really excited to try one of these sandwiches because I'd made my own here several weeks ago & wanted to have something to compare it to. I really loved how juicy & tender the shredded pork was & I'm happy to say that the Bahn Mi that I made at home could proudly stand next to this one :) 
OMGGGG hands down my favorite, however I may be a bit biased since I grew up on Korean food .. but still :) We each ordered fully loaded Bulgogi Steak Tacos complete with all the goodies (sriracha, lime crema, cilantro, & sesame seeds) & topped with Kimchi style slaw! The tacos that TaKorean has created are game changers & really embody so much Korean flavor & crunch that you will be hunting down their truck again & again especially at $9 for 3 tacos!!
We also tried the Shrimp Pil Pil from the Tapas Truck for $9. The sauce over the fried shrimp had a tasty sweet & smokey flavor, but the overall dish wasn't anything special especially for the price. To cool down we stopped by Pleasant Pops for their Honey Lavender Pop ... it was so refreshing & the perfect amount of sweetness paired with the light lavender A++ [$2.50]
Last up on our food truck fiesta was Curbside Cupcakes. Since we were in DC & there's so much hype around these little cakes I figured we HAD to try one. We ended up splitting the Pineapple Ambrosia which had a wonderful cake consistency with little bits of pineapple, but the icing was WAYYY too buttery & sort of ruined it. No need to fret, we just wiped it off & added it sparingly to each bite :) 

This was my first time getting to sample so many food trucks all in one place & I couldn't have asked for a better tasting companion! I really wish Dangerously Delicious Pies was there, but alas we can't have everything we wish for :( Anywho, it was a lot of fun & I would definitely encourage you all to check it out. I didn't see any specific dates on their website for the next event, but it says that it runs monthly so you can click here for more details!


  1. Wow thanks for this post, now I'm gonna hunt down some of these trucks! Vivi & I had totally planned to go to Truckeroo this month but the threat of thunderstorms scared us away. Glad to know the event went on as scheduled!

  2. yum yum...those are some of my favorite trucks! I honestly think that Lobster Roll is worth every shiney copper penny.

  3. food in a truck???
    we don't have awesome stuff like that around where I live

  4. omg, my stomach just growled looking at all this food porn. yum!

  5. Damn girl how did you eat so much?? I have had the lobster roll, wasn't a fan but haven't tried any of the other items you posted. The lines are just ridiculously long at Truckeroo and I do not have that kind of patience! :)


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