Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: Spaghetti Frittata

Growing up I was NOT a fan of spaghetti, nope not even a little bit I'd take a grilled cheese over it any day. Lucky for me my Mother-in-Law or Mamacita as she likes to be called has given those noodles a new lease on life. Several weeks ago I tried making her famous meat sauce which I was super nervous to try since it's one of her "staple" sauces, but it ended up being delicious (thank the Lord!!). Anyways, I had a bit of spaghetti left over so I decided to really push my look and attempt to make a FRITTATA!!! The ingredients are really simple it's the whole flipping it over that I usually have issues with. I now have it down pat & feel confident enough in my skills to try & share this "recipe" with you :) 
I wanted my frittata to be thick rather than thin so I used a smaller frying pan so the spaghetti would pile up. To start out heat up some olive oil in your pan & dump in your left over spaghetti then crack (4) eggs directly into the spaghetti pan & mix them around so all the spaghetti is coated with eggs. The eggs in this case are acting as the glue that is going to hold this entire dish together. I don't have an exact measurement for the eggs to spaghetti ratio, but don't be afraid of the eggs because it's better to have too much than too little otherwise the whole thing is gonna fall apart & be a huge mess. 
So when you drop the spaghetti into the oil in the pan the temperature should be medium to high. Leave it at that temperature for 1 to 2 mins checking regularly to make sure the bottom isn't burning. Then turn the temp down to med/low and let it sit there for 5-10 mins checking on it regularly. If the top of the frittata is still really gooey place a lid over the pan for several minutes. Check the bottom to make sure that it's firmed up, then place a plate over the top of the frying pan & flip the entire thing over. Heat up more olive oil in the pan and slide in the side that hasn't been heated face down so it has a chance to cook. Follow the same steps as before until the entire "pie" is solid & "cuttable" :)
Yay, you're finally done!! Grate some fresh Parmesan cheese & sprinkle your frittata til you can't sprinkle no more!!
I served my frittata with a salad of mixed greens topped with this homemade pear vinaigrette.
**If you're going to make the vinaigrette go easy on the garlic .. it was kickinnnn
Here's the close up of this little beauty :) I'm sorry the instructions aren't very precise, but that's why I enjoy cooking so much more than baking because rules & measurements aren't as important!  If you have any further questions about this recipe which I'm sure you might, feel free to ask away I promise I don't bite!!


  1. omg this loooks...AMAZING. such yummy comfort food!

  2. ive made a few fritattas in my day (one pan meal? yes, please! and it can double as breakfast or dinner? SURE!) but i had never thought to make one with spaghetti! im just planning out our next few meals, so i think this might hafta go on the list!

  3. omg! that is just major food porn! Yum!!! It looks sooo cheesy! Please send me some. hehehehe


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