Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: Goya Spanish Garlic Shrimp

For today's Tasty Tuesdays I bring you one of the most delicious & easiest dishes ever to grace my dining room table :) As I mentioned here last week I partnered with Goya to bring you some recipes from their newest cookbook (which you can win, details at the bottom). I love shrimp in any shape, form, or flavor so I naturally picked the Spanish Garlic Shrimp for my second dish & added a couple little extras which resulted in a very happy tummy & husband! 
I followed the directions & ingredients for the most part, but after marinating the shrimp & peppers for about 20 minutes I decided to just dump the entire bag & all it's contents into a frying pan since I didn't have skewers. The aroma while cooking was absolutely amazing & the end taste was equally impressive. I served the shrimp & peppers on corn tortillas with a dab of sour cream & verde salsa. The shrimp & flavors were so flavor packed that they didn't need the salsa, but for a bit of extra heat the salsa was perfect. I really enjoyed this recipe & how simple it was, not to mention I only had to get one pan dirty which is a win in my book :)

To win a copy of the Goya cookbook all you have to do is follow me on twitter @WaveeeyB and leave a comment letting me know what Tasty Tuesdays post was your favorite or what type of recipes you would like to see on here in the future :)Wishing you all a great rest of this sunny day!


  1. That looks really, really good!

  2. oh myy it looks absolutely delicious!

  3. omg! yummmmm!!!! I hope you don't mind if I pin this to one of my boards on pinterest. I definitely need to run down to the grocery and buy the ingredients. I would love to make this over the weekend. =)


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