Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: 4 Seasons Grille Review

Last week I went on a date with the bride to be to chat & go over all of the final little details for her big day, & what better way to plan than over a full stomach?? We decided on The 4 Seasons Grille in Waugh Chapel because not only is their food delicious, but they have a WONDERFUL Happy Hour that runs daily from 4-7 & 9-close!! In case that wasn't enough to sell you on this place, they start you out with a complimentary bread basket filled with fresh fluffy deliciousness with a side of olive oil, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, & butter :) Scroll down to hear more about the different dishes!
Scrumptious yeasty goodness & the Spread
Chicken Lettuce Wraps // Scampi Mussels
4 Seasons Shrimp

Chicken Lettuce Wraps: 
I have had PF Chang's lettuce wraps several times & I have to say that I prefer the ones at 4 Seasons. I liked that they used romaine lettuce rather than iceberg & the almonds on top added the perfect amount of extra crunch. The crisp coleslaw also added to the dynamic flavor & paired well with the "spicy thai" chicken which in my opinion could have been hotter :) 

Scampi Mussels:
I get the mussels every time that I'm here, but this time I tried the scampi instead of the spicy creole sauce :( The scampi wasn't bad, but I definitely like the extra kick of the creole better & will stick with it the next time. The garlic toast that comes with the mussels was also very flavorful & was even better when dipped in the broth.

4 Seasons Shrimp:
This dish never disappoints & reminds me of a similar dish I love, "Bang Bang Shrimp" from Bone Fish Grill. The sauce has a small bit of heat to it & the squash slices go great with it, I just wish I could have like 4 more of them!

Other dishes that I've tried there before & enjoyed include: Beef Carpaccio, Scallops Napoleon (A++), & the Beef Wellington Bruschetta. If you live closer to the Annapolis area you're in luck because they just recently opened another location in the Annapolis Mall which I've also dined at & enjoyed.


  1. yuummmmm!!!! How are the Happy hour Prices?

    Looks Lovely,



    1. like $5-10 max it's super reasonable & so yummy :)


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