Monday, April 1, 2013

La La Laaaadiiies

There's nothing in this World that a good ladies night can't fix!! Well at least I haven't come across it yet, but I'm pretty sure that my ladies could handle it :) I started Friday off at La Casa de Carlis along with Morgan & let me tell you I haven't laughed that much in a long time .. or since our last girls night! Later we met up with Cheralee & the guest of honor KATHERIIIIINE who was in town for the weekend <3 To give you an idea of the craziness that ensued there was a smart car involved, authentic Harlem Shaking, Easter M&Ms, wine, & lots of Polaroids!
Button Up-VS, Slip (as shirt)-THRIFTED, Shorts-DIY THRIFTED, 

Thanks Morgs for takin all the pics :)


  1. Oh you're so whack! I wasn't called for this ladies night! Whats with that Waves?

  2. I second that Elle! Next Ladies night I need and invite. You look too cute in these pics tho hun.

  3. Where was I when this photos were taken? LOL don't remember! I will send the pics marmoset took of us tomorrow, promise ;) xoxox

  4. you look adorable here, esp that last pic- ultimate wavey- a bit retro, laid back and cool, and effortlessly gorgeous. that denim is a winner. <3


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