Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Jenn's Coming :)

I am getting so excited for not this weekend, but NEXT!! One of my BFFs is coming to visit me here all the way from Indiana. It's been almost a year since we've gotten to see each other & we used to spend almost every day together especially in the summer so going this long without getting to hangout is NOT ok! Anyways, I've already started working on some fun little things to do while she's here for an extended weekend :)
Weekend with the BFF
I would be content just lounging on the couch, laugh, eating, & chatting with Jenn because we can have a good time anywhere, but there are a couple things I'd love to go out & do while she's here!

1. Brunch at Eatonville- I've been wanting to eat there for a while now ever since Michelle & Trisha posted pictures from a brunch there. I'm definitely thinkin I need to try the corn bread, fried green tomatoes, the Shrimp & Grits, & possibly the Po Boy :) Don't worry you know I'll be back here to do a full review & give you all the good deets!

2. I've ever been to a wine tasting before & thought what better time than the present?! It also helped that Groupon was offering a special discounted tour so I scooped it up & we will be enjoying a wine picnic at Phillip Carter Winery of Virginia in two Saturdays :)

3. I love taking people thrifting whether they're from out of town or they just decided to pop by my apartment & you better believe that I'm going to be taking her thrifting while she's here. I really like the Unique thrift & Vallue Village conjoined thrift stores in Silver Spring, it's double the thrifting for the same amount of driving!

4. It wouldn't be a D.C. trip if there weren't cupcakes involved, I've narrowed it down to either Baked & Wired or Sticky Fingers ... decisions decisions lol or maybe we'll do a tasting to see which ones we like better! Do you have a favorite cupcake spot in DC?? Let me know pleeease :)

Of course between all of these exciting plans there will be lots of chill time & catching up, oh yeah I think we're going to go to a DC United game also!! There may also be some walking around the monuments for as long as I can last & maybe a bike ride .. ok now I'm gettin crazy I value my life too much to try & attempt that in DC :) What are some activities that you ladies do when you have guests in from out of town??

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