Thursday, April 11, 2013

Comic Maxi

This gray maxi skirt is such a pain to photograph!! I either look like I'm missing a leg or the whole skirt looks lopsided, the good news however is that it's comfortable & pairs with everything :) It'd been a while since I'd worn the skirt & the shirt since we were still experiencing Winter up until recently & now it's in the 90s?! I am NOT complaining I am all for showing skin weather, so bring it on Baaaaabyyy :) Last night I had a "weeknight weekend" which is where you pretend that it's the weekend & have a really fun evening with good company. We started off with dinner at The 4 Seasons Grille (more on that next TT) and then went to see Temptation which was entertaining, but I don't think I would watch it a second time. PS: Kim K's acting was paaaaainful in the movie :(
Since it was warm outside & I knew it'd be chilly in the theater I compromised & did an open top & a long bottom. I've had this chopped up vintage tee for a while now & it's so perfect for catching the breeze as well as the fact that you can pick cute "bras" to wear under it & peek out on the sides (scandaloussss).  My hair was being a bit crazy again so turban time it was, ahhh I'm so excited for this beautiful weather & more warm outfit posts!!! After looking through my blog archives I came across this outfit which is pretty much the same one I just posted haha I guess this skirt has to be pared with a black cutoff tee for me to wear it :) Tomorrow's Friday get excited people <3

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