Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: The Great Cupcake Catastrophe of 2013

Last weekend I through a bridal shower for one of my favorite people in the entire WORLD, Nicole affectionately nicknamed "Nickle Pants" <3 Anyways, I had this whole idea about how I'd throw a beach themed shower complete with little "island cupcakes" that had blue "ocean" icing & crushed cookie "sand' .. needless to say what I ended up with was far from what I had planned on. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves & then you fill you in on what exactly happened :-X
So pretty much my oven is the devil reincarnated & it decided to heat up to whatever temperature it felt like instead of the one I set it to which resulted in 4 dozen burnt cupcakes. You're probably thinking after 4 tries couldn't you find some way to make it work?! The answer to that question is that I turned the oven down to 100 degrees less than what the instructions said & did it for half the time only to find that they still found a way to burn to a crisp :( After realizing I was screwed I had a minor little freak out, but quickly saw the light at the end of the tunnel thanks to my twin Trisha! A couple of months ago I held a potluck at my house & Trisha brought over cake pops .. that memory prompted my mind to think "what do you do with burnt cupcakes .. C-A-K-E-P-O-P-S-!" So I scooped out all the perfectly baked "guts" of the cupcakes, crumbled them up & mixed them with 1 & 1/2 containers of icing. After mixing all the cake & icing together I transferred the mixture to a large plastic bag. I then cut off a triangle of the bottom corner & made little "blobs" on a tray which was then refrigerated for 2 hours in order to firm up. After the blobs became more "moldable" I rolled them around into balls. Since I was running WAY behind schedule I opted not to coat them each individually in white chocolate & instead just poured the chocolate across all of them. To add a little crunch I crushed up a bunch of vanilla wafers & sprinkled the crumbs on top of the white chocolate. 
Since I was rushing around this is the only picture I have of the finished product, but it's better than nothing! Although they're not much to look at, the flavor & texture was so moist & perfect. People were a bit skeptical at first, but after a little persuading everyone warmed up & loved them :) I will definitely be making these little babies again, hopefully next time without all the burnt cupcakes. 

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