Friday, March 15, 2013

Sushi to the Max[i]

I can't believe it's already Friday again (not that I'm complaining)! I wanted to do a #Friday5 post, but I couldn't think of anything that I really felt passionate about so ... here's an outfit post :) This past Wednesday Jenni of Comme Coco was honored by Candice Nicole & The Womanly Curve Magazine's "Defining your Womanly Curve" event for her style. The event was held at U Street's Indulj Lounge & there was quite a fabulous turnout of stylish ladies! The other honorees were: Health & Fitness- Caroline Jhingory, Entertainment- WPGC's Sunni, Communications- Lauren Wesley Wilson, & Lifestyle- Maadan Eshete. I'm so proud of all of these ladies & the wonderful example they are setting for all of us, it was truly inspiring! 
Purse-THRIFTED, Skirt-FOREVER 21 (D.I.Y)

First off I have to give MADDDD props to Vivi for taking these pictures of me because I absolutely LOVE how they came out :) So the story behind my skirt is that it was a dress 2 hours prior to the event, I always get motivated to start chopping up my clothes before events, I think it's the whole "I have nothing to wear" freak out that prompts it. Anyways, I just cut off all the material above the elastic waist of the dress & pulled it down to wear as a skirt! I really like how it came out & I know that I'll get a lot more wear out of it now that it's a skirt. Since you asked I'll tell you about my sushi shirt .. I've had it since my sophomore year of high school & I will NEVER throw it away!! I also wanted to share with you the purpley lipstick I have on because it lasted the whole night & I really like the color, but of course I can't remember the brand or color (I'll add it when I get home). I'm crossing my fingers for some nice weather this weekend, do you have any fun plans??

PS: Sorry for the overload of uploaded pics last night on the Pich & Roor Facebook page, I'm trying to catch back up :)

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