Monday, March 4, 2013

Snakeskin & Camo

Back in October I bought a camo jacket from the thrift store & did a post on different ways to style it with everything from heels to cut off shorts. The reason I initially bought the jacket was because "camo jackets are in" & "all the other bloggers are wearing camo", since that fateful October day it's been collecting dust in the back of my closet. After realizing that the jacket wasn't "Me" I figured that I'd never wear it & end up donating it back to the same store .. ohhh the sad cycle of impulse thrifted pieces going back to meet their maker. Anyways, while frantically tearing through my closet this past Thursday trying to find something to wear to the Macy's Impulse Event I came across my camo jacket. Since I'd already tried on every other piece of clothing in my closet I figured it wouldn't hurt to try it, & what do you know it worked :)
Jacket-THRIFTED, Necklace-FOREVER 21, Heels-KELSI DAGGER, Purse-FOREVER 21

It's so funny looking through these photos because the 2 where I have my hair pulled back in a ponytail make me look like I cut all my hair off .. which I would NEVER DO! After the event Morgan & I went to grab some food at La Tasca .. 2 words .. Unlimited TAPAS!! Ahh I seriously died & went to heaven, but more on the restaurant in another post :) I was also very excited to debut my new Kelsi Dagger heels which I ordered from Bluefly last week on suuuuuper sale. The heels were surprisingly comfortable, but ended up ripping before the night was over :( I don't know if I just got an off pair, or if the snakeskin is just really fragile .. oh well at least I got one good night in them before I had to send them on their way back to Bluefly. I hope you guys had a fun weekend & I'll see you back here tomorrow for Tasty Tuesday, your hint for tomorrow's post is: Vietnam meets Subway ;-)

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  1. I'm currently thrifting for the perfect camo jacket. I really want one with more of a cropped blazer feel, I feel like it'd make it more uniqu! Love yours!


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