Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Neon Hollywood

Eeeeeek :) I LOVE THIS OUTFIT!!!! I honestly think that I could wear it everyday <3 I thrifted the purse & tee this past Saturday at the Value Village on Annapolis Rd along with a couple of other little goodies that I'll show you in the video. I was so excited to get to wear a skirt without tights & a tee without a coat thanks to all of the beyond gorgeous weather we had over the weekend. Anyways, this is what I wore to brunch at Charm Boutique & YES I'm crazy for wearing these skinny-a$$ heels on Georgetown's uneven sidewalks .. it was definitely a balancing act & quite the site to see. Also, there's a historical picture thrown in the mix down below & it's a shot of me with my FIRST macaroon ever!! Thanks Monica for capturing it :)
Shirt, Necklace, Skirt, Purse-THRIFTED, Heels-GUESS

I really wish the weekend weather would've stuck around for a bit longer, but at least we got a nice little taste of what Spring will be like ((HOPEFULLY)). Check back tomorrow to see the completed D.I.Y. project I mentioned in the video :) Happy Hump Day <3


  1. you look soo cute, great combination of all my favorite colors!

  2. Hey gorgeous! What a colorful, fun outfit, I super love everything you have on. Oh and I want those heels!!!! You are so pretty. =)

  3. How GOOD it is to see your face!!!!!! ahhhhhh, whenever I need a dose of the W, I will have to check out this vid. <3 u x a mil


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