Thursday, March 14, 2013

DIY: Gold Plated

Good morning ladies & Happy Thursday! As mentioned in the video from yesterday's post I have for you a quick & simple DIY. Last weekend when I was thrifting I found a really nice quality wooden serving dish for only $3.99 :) At first I was going to use it for serving snacks but all that quickly changed when I walked by the gold spray paint on the shelf. I have a ton of little, earrings, bracelets, & rings but since I don't have a good way of storing/displaying them a lot of times they stay tucked away in my closet unworn. I bought the spray paint a while ago for another project which I didn't end up doing, so I was excited to finally get to use it! The DIY "instructions" are extremely simple & may seem kind of obvious, but I'll share them anyways below these pics :)
Start with a wooden bowl/dish that has a bit of texture & grit to it (not shiny). Spray the paint a little less than a foot away so that you can get a nice & even coat (I learned the hard way & was WAY too close). Let it dry for about 10-15 minutes & then touch up some of the uneven spots. After one side is completely dry flip it over & do the other side. After that side is dry you're done! I know it really is that simple. 
Here it is in all it's beauty! I only have a few accessories in it at the moment, but I like that I can see all of them. I'm going to try & swap some new ones in every week so that I can mix it up a bit & get as much use out of my jewelry as possible :) I hope you enjoyed this little project & have a great rest of the day <3


  1. I love a good DIY. This look great!

  2. what an AMAZING idea. such a clever and pretty way to showcase/house your jewels. I must find me some spray paint and an old wooden dish PRONTO!


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