Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: Turkey & Spinach Enchiladas

It's confession time ... I pin way more than I actually do. I've pinned tons & tons of wonderful looking recipes in my "fOOd" board, but have only made probably 10 or so of the recipes. However, since I'm trying to cook at home as much as possible & keep up some variety in my dishes I've been visiting my "fOOd" board a lot :) Several weeks ago I was in the mood for Mexican, but still had some spinach I needed to use up so I searched around in Pinterest & came across TURKEY & SPINACH ENCHILADAS!!!!!! I followed the recipe "exactly" with the exception of regular black pepper & normal tortillas. Let me tell you Yum, yum, yum, & yummm <3 David isn't a huge fan of spinach & I could tell he wasn't looking forward to dinner, but he went back for seconds & didn't even mention the spinach :)
This dish was also super easy & quick to make. The longest part of the recipe was waiting for it to bake, which allowed me to clean up & put everything away :) I am Waverly Bair & I approve this message Recipe!

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