Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sheer B&W

.. Yes I'm back to more vacation pictures :) Thanks for understanding the fact that I CAN'T cope with this cold weather & therefore will be reliving my recent vacation until temperatures are back to at LEAST the 60's! These photos were taken right before I proceeded to throw my entire body down the steps which caused enough noise & commotion to stop the "Love & Marriage" game show, you don't get an award in high school for "Most likely to fall down the steps" for being graceful. I tried to play it off & got up quickly to continue walking to our seats, but the damage (bleeding cut & bruised up legs) had definitely already been done. I'm also very relieved that I opted for a pair of shorts under the dress that night rather than a micro mini skirt! 

I've had this dress for yeeeears I'm talking right after I graduated High School .. lets not count how many years ago that was :) I bought this dress when I was living in Sydney (Yes, Australia) at Cotton On's sale rack for under $10, since then I've worn it countless times & even as a swimsuit cover up. I love the cut of the dress because it hides any less than desirable rolls by smoothly gliding over your curves as well as being the perfect length to make your legs look super long. I can't wait for the temperatures to return to beachwear levels so I can wear this dress out again! 


  1. So jealous!! Here now is snowing!!! Brrr!!!

    Join my giveaway, I would be happy of it!

  2. Cute look! Loving the print on your dress!


  3. Ouuch...falling down the steps doesn't sound too good :/
    But you look gooorgeous here and that dress is really cute! I'm so over winter too, can't wait for the spring! :)



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