Monday, February 25, 2013

Review: Proliss Curling Wand

Back in December I saw a Groupon deal for an Iso Proliss Twister "Curling Wand" discounted from $300 to only $30! I've been wanting to purchase one for a while because I wasn't happy with my current clamp curling iron & had heard good things about the wand. I first checked with my friend & hair stylist Nicole who confirmed that the brand was reputable, after receiving her blessing I decided to give it a go. I waited 2 1/2 months for the curling wand, and it FINALLY arrived in the mail this past Friday .. yeah the wait for it was ridiculous, I don't know why it took so long. Anyways, I finally got to try curling my hair with it last night & I was pleasantly surprised!

Review: I am by no means a hair/hair product expert, just a regular girl who likes to curl her hair every once in a while & was very happy with this product. The Curling Wand package came with the 32mm wand as well as a heat glove to protect your fingers while using the wand. I burnt my fingers a couple of times at first (I didn't wear the glove) but quickly got the hang of it & was burn free for the rest of my curling. I really liked using a wand much more for curling than a regular "clamp" curling iron or my straightener. When I tried using a clamp curling iron or straightener to curl my hair I always ended up with one side looking fabulous & the other side looking crazy. The wand has only one heat setting & is very easy to use on both sides which makes it easy to achieve consistent curls all over. I usually struggle with curling the back pieces because they get all clumpy & it doesn't look natural, but that didn't happen when I used the wand. To keep the curls locked in I lightly sprayed them with some hair spray & they lasted all night! 
** I purchased the curling wand with my own money & chose to write a review because I enjoy sharing products with all of you that I truly love <3 **

Please ignore this goofy video I posted .. I was in one of those moods :-) Plus I laughed so hard at the original video here, that I felt I had to pay homage to the poor girl who burnt her hair off. Even though I was joking around in the video & didn't actually have it plugged in I used the same technique shown to actually curl my hair. I also separated my hair into different layers so that it was easier to keep track of what pieces I'd already curled. Good luck in your curling adventures!


  1. What a great deal. Your hair looks amaze balls.

  2. LOL at your video! Yo, I laughed at the poor girl's burnt hair. But, I gotta give it to her, she didn't freak out. I would've been raining curses.

  3. They sell the same want brand etc at target and e bay for around $40.00. i was bad to see that after i bought it on groupon that these places sold it for around the same price. so is this wand really worth $220.00???????

    1. I wouldn't say that it's worth $220, but for $30 I'm very pleased with it & the results that it produced :)

  4. When I tried using a clamp curling iron or straightener to curl my hair I always ended up with one side looking fabulous & the other side looking ...

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