Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On The Road Again

Ahhh I'm finally able to connect to internet!!! It's official I'm typing this from the couch of our new apartment :) I've seriously missed blogging & can't wait to get back to our regularly scheduled program! I'm also excited for a new feature I've been working on coined "#Friday5" the idea behind it is that every Friday I will share with all of you 5 "things" from the week whether that be my top 5 outfits/bloggers/instagrams/songs/food pics/whatever-I-want/etc. This idea for #Friday5 all stemmed from the fact that I read wayyyy too many blogs & some of them are so inspiring & wonderful that I feel it is my responsibility to share them with the WORLD aka YOU :) 
So .. yeah back to my tré tré chic MBFW/NYFW packing outfit. At first I wasn't going to post it because WHO CARES WHAT SWEATS I WORE WHILE PACKING, but the truth is this is the last "outfit post" that was ever shot in that sweet little apartment so it had to be posted! Please ignore the creeper faces, I was in a really silly/goofy/crazy mood (that always happens when I'm around David's little sister). A lot of thought was put into this outfit such as "what can I wear that is warm & won't matter to me if it gets completely destroyed?", moral of the story by the end of the day my shirt had a new friend named hot pocket splattered across the front of it!
Tee & Pirate Headband-THRIFTED, Sweat Pants-PINK
All the boys working hard loading the last piece in the truck, it really was like real life tetris (David just informed me that everyone compares loading a moving truck with tetris .. & hear I thought I was original .. oh the tragedy)! I have A LOT of DIYs up my sleeve including some that involve frogs, gold spray paint, & wine corks .. don't worry those three aren't for one project ... or are they :) Ohh yeah I also wanted to share a quick little video of my new place .. warning: it looks like a hurricane ran through it & I was so exhaustedso my voice is monotoneAKAboring!


  1. Congrats on the move! Can't wait to see the DIY's you have in store!


  2. 1. WHERE did you move?
    2. I hope to frequently earn a spot in the #friday5
    3. hi :)


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