Saturday, February 2, 2013

MK Booties Look 2: "Hey Grandma"

Ahhh today is a wonderful day! I had such a fun morning with two of my dearest friends, we ate, we drank, & we opened presents :) It was a much needed vacation from reality. Back to the outfit you guessed it, today is the second look of my 3 way styling of my new favorite booties! I wore this granny certified outfit to brunch last Sunday with some of my favorite DC bloggers friends :) It's essentially the same outfit as the last post except that I opted for a a snugly knit cardigan, a simple necklace, & a LOT less eyeshadow lol. I know that these outfits aren't anything crazy, but I think it's great to have some staples to fall back on when "you have nothing to wear." While choosing pictures for this post I noticed that my shirt was inside out & that I'd worn in that way for an entire day ... whoopsies. 
Cardigan-THRIFTED, Necklace- c/o CARMEN LE FLEUR
Leggings-THE LOFT, Tee-M&O, Booties-MICHAEL KORS

A couple of weeks ago I went thrifting & bought this knit cardigan which still had all of the original tags still on it .. score! This sweater was seriously made for brunching because it kept me warm in the chilly restaurant as well as hid my food baby after some serious food therapy :) On to the necklace I'm still so freakin obsessed with it .. ahhh it's just so dainty & cute & goes with evvvvvverything! I went a bit "crazy" in the eyeshadow department on the last post for "Waverly Standards" but come on, it was late & I was at a concert so I can do what I want! (Yes I'm aware that I had an entire conversation/argument with myself) Moral of the story is that I kept my makeup pretty natural for this look because I legit rolled out of bed & was feeling lazy so I stuck with my new Smash Box liner, mascara, & a bit of bronzer. Alright I have to go now & watch these last couple episodes of GIRLS .. because I am thoroughly obsessed <3 Check back tomorrow for the final look .. date night!


  1. I LOVE your outfit! That cardigan sure was a great find, it's pretty and looks comfy! And I'm obsessed with your gorgeous booties!



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