Thursday, February 28, 2013

Body Insecurities/Acceptance/Blogging

Have you ever had an unexpected conversation with somebody that completely changed the way you think? I had one yesterday on g-chat with someone & it really got me thinking .. A LOT! It was so eye opening to hear someone who I don't know personally speak to me objectively about my blog. Moral of the story is that my eyes have been opened & I want to share with you some changes that are going to be taking place on the blog as well as some more personal stuff.

1. Why am I trying to fit into the image of what a "Fashion Blogger" should be?

I didn't even truly realize how much I was trying to be someone else by "taking the right pictures", "striking the right pose", "rocking an arm party" ... etc. The fact is that during the week I NEVER wear makeup, I never get dressed up for work (I work for a Police Department so it's khakis & a shirt every day), & I come home & change into sweats IMMEDIATELY! Most of my outfit pictures are taken by my husband & I make him take a TONNN just to get a few "blog worthy photos." Some blogs that I follow post looks of them wearing very extravagant/super out there outfits & I always wonder if they actually wear them in public. I want you to know that every outfit I've ever posted has been one that I've worn out for an event or just to chill with friends. Through this new chapter in my blogging life I hope to connect more with each of you & share with you all the randomness that I encounter.

2. I wanted to share with all of you the two pictures above.

I asked David to snap these last night before we went to the gym, because they're a more honest portrayal of what I truly look like. Stats: Age-23 // Height- 5'10 // Weight -180 lb.s // Size- 12 or 14. In the past I've let any number of these "stats" hold me back from doing what I've always wanted. Before I'm any of those things I'm a wife/daughter/sister/friend & much more. I'm writing this post for myself as much as for you readers, so please don't feel like I'm lecturing you. After I started working a 9-5 I put on over 10 lbs in the course of a year, it didn't seem drastic because of the fact that the weight gain was over the course of a year. I'm still at that extra 10 lb mark & not exactly thrilled about it, but I'm finding out more & more everyday that it's more important to be healthy than to just be skinny. I know everyone has heard that time & time again, but when it really clicks with you it's a great feeling. I'm not saying that I'm "fixed" or positive all the time because I'm not. Even last night at the gym when I was running I felt self conscious that the person behind me was thinking boy this girl is outta shape & those shorts are too tight she should have gone a size up. Moral of the tangent I just want all of you to know that we are all wrapped in different packages & all possess so much AMAZINGNESS within ourselves, it's time we really channel it & make something of ourselves!!


I started this blog because I used to stalk all day looking at all the different outfits & thinking to myself .. I think I dress cute I wanna be part of this! A couple months later I took the plunge & started up Pich & Roor. The idea behind the name "Pich & Roor" came from my belief that you don't have to be Rich to lead a fabulous life & the fact that some of life's best gifts cost nothing at all. Thus, "Pich & Roor" was born taking a play on words from Rich & Poor (if you switch the first two letters you get Pich & Roor). I initially wanted this blog to be solely outfit posts, but in the past two years that I've been blogging I've discovered that I have passion for so many other things as well including: cooking, traveling, thrifting, finding great deals, scrap booking, etc.! I want to share all the great things that I come across with all of you, & if that means I can't call Pich & Roor a fashion blog so be it. I'm' still going to post outfit posts whenever I have something cute to share, but there will also be a lot of other posts featuring things other than fashion.

4. Goals

Starting this upcoming Monday I'm going back to school to pursue a degree in Fashion Merchandising. I have always known that to be truly happy in life that I MUST have a career that involves fashion no matter how big or small. At this point in my life deciding what type of body armor to order is about as close as I get to fashion. My ultimate career goal would be to have a job as a buyer for boutiques or clothing stores or to be a stylist. These dreams/goals may seem lofty, but at the end of the day we only get one chance at life & why not go for what you really want? I also want to explore styling some more since I have been dressing my Mom & friends for years & want to work on turning that hobby into something more.

This was the LONGGGGGGGGGEST post ever & I know that it's all over the place, but I just wanted to let you all know what's going on in my noggin :) I Love you all so much & I truly appreciate all your love, support, comments, & the time you take checkin in on my blog it means everything to me!


  1. So proud of you Waves! I love that we bloggers are keeping it real not only in conversations but on our blogs as well. To me this is the best outlet to share thoughts that might be the thoughts of others in the same circle or hobby. I'm really routing for you! I would love to take myself to school for Fashion Merchadising. I'm at a point where I would love to either work for myself in fashion or at least have a job in the field. Really proud of your honesty!

  2. This is beautiful, real and raw. THIS IS BLOGGING! I am beyond proud of you...

  3. Go wave! Great post. My initial thoughts when reading style blogs has always been "how the heck do they find time to post all these outfit photos " lol. I couldn't do it. I think what's most important is having your own voice talking about what you want to talk about and not doing what everyone else is doing because its popular. I'm excited to read what's to come =)

  4. This is a great and honesty posting! I love it. We are multifaceted individuals so why does our blog have to be just about one thing, even if it was birthed out of our love for fashion? That's why I named my blog Fashion.Art.Crafts-Etc because these are all the things I love and to me, these topics inter-relate. The ETC. part of my blog deals with other things I have and will continue to talk about on my blog like books, restaurants, etc. On your point about fashion and the extravagant nature of some outfits, I have to say I agree to some extent. I'll admit that I have an unconventional style that is both simple & differently quirky, based on my mood.So my outfits can come off as different even at work-lol and I work for a News organization. I do feel that often there is no recognition if you're not wearing some out-there outfit or high priced fashion. Even the ppc sites- don't want you unless they think you are a blogger that buys & wears the most current fashion brands so that readers can in-turn buy them too. I'm a thrift-er as well as a lover of brands, but all within a sensible budget. I've just come to realize that I just have to blog on my own terms, be true to myself & let the chips fall where the may. Again,great posting!

  5. SO PROUD OF YOU FOR THIS!! I love you fah realzies.

  6. Thank you, Waverly, for sharing this post to your readers. A lot of what you said was real and I found myself nodding along in agreement. I will always support not only your blog but you, too.


  7. This is a great post. Thank you for your honesty! I find myself having a lot of the same feelings. I don't dress outfit-photo-worthy everyday and sometimes I just want to wear one bracelet at a time, ya know? haha. But really, this was really refreshing to read. Good luck with your degree!


  8. what a great and inspiring post Wave! sometimes I have the same thoughts about other bloggers and their outfits..

    is that you without makeup? you look gorgeous! oh my your skin is perfect... I am soooooooo jealous!
    and good luck!!!

  9. Well you look fabulous either way. I don't consider myself a fashion blogger..I don't advertise brands or have a professional photographer...but I sure love clothes! I think you can be your own kind of blogger...:-)

  10. Hey gorgeous! What an inspiring post! I just wanted to let you know that your blog has always been inspiring to me and that it is one of those blogs that makes me smile after reading. Oh and you kudos to you for making the first step to reaching your dreams! that means you are one step closer! Yey!

    1. Aww I'm so glad you enjoy it!! I also love reading your blog & seeing all your delicious food pictures :)


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