Sunday, January 20, 2013

Traveling With: Today I Want ...

Hello Pich & Roor fans! I'm Katie of Today I Want... A blog about all the things in life I want. I'm excited to be helping out here on Pich & Roor while Wave is away on a fabulous vacation.

Traveling is truly one of my favorite things to do, so when asked to pick a favorite vacation spot I was in a bit of a panic. Do I talk about European adventures? Relaxing on sandy beaches? Flying to big cities to see concerts?

They are all wonderful, but honestly the most fun vacations I've ever been on are road trips with my husband. This past summer we flew from DC to Portland and rented a car driving from Oregon to Colorado to Texas and back up to DC. It was an awesome adventure.

As an avid vintage clothing collector, these cross country trips are just the funnest. I get to check out vintage all over America and come home with some really awesome finds. One easy breezy travel tip for vintage lovers like me is pack light! If you start your vacay with a suitcase packed to the gills, you've no room to pack all the things you will purchase along the way! On this particular trip I came home with a major vintage haul. Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas have some killer vintage shops not to mention all the little places I found here and there in between.

Fabulous shopping aside, my favorite part of this particular trip was all the dinosaur attractions. As a child (and maybe even now as a grown up) I wanted to be an archaeologist. It was quite a thrill to be able to drive through some super dinosaur rich areas and pretend even if just for a few hours to be a real life paleontologist. (Nerd Alert!)

So tell me, what was YOUR favorite vacation?

My name is Katie Petix. I live in Washington, DC. I love to travel with my husband. I'm kind of obsessed with my cat, Just a little. I always have cut flowers in my home. I crave music. I love rock n roll. I used to be a goth, I kind of still am. I love taking pictures of everything. You know what else I love? Hearing from you! Visit me over on my blog: Today I want... and find me on Twitter and Instagram @katiepetix

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