Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: Miami Vacation Eats

I know it's been so long since I've done a Tasty Tuesdays post, but wait no longer because here it is folks!! These are some of the restaurants that we dined at while vacationing in South Beach <3
We spent our first day off of the boat back in South Beach laying out at the beach & shopping on Lincoln Road (their H&M is killer!!). There is never a dull moment in South Beach & Lincoln Road is the prime spot for people watching, so we made ourselves comfortable at D'Vine. One of my favorite things about Miami is that there are so many cute options for outside dining. We settled on a little Turkish Hookah bar right in the middle of Lincoln Road where we enjoyed a chicken & steak kabobs with fries, pita bread, & a yummy salad :) It was around $14 for the plate that David & I shared which was a decent price since both of us were pretty content after finishing it. The steak kabob was absolutely deeeelish & the yogurt dressing was also scrumptious! I really enjoyed our relaxed afternoon at D'Vine & definitely recommend it if you're in the mood for people watching [creeper status].
To start off David's Birthday festivities I wanted to take him to the "Best Italian Coffee Spot" in the South Beach area [Pinocchio] since he's a bit of a coffee aficionado. We had to walk about 10 blocks to get there, but the quaint cafe was well worth the little trek because the coffee was delicious & the staff was super friendly :) I don't drink coffee very often, but I was excited to celebrate his B-day morning with a hot frothy cappuccino. David ordered their specialty cappuccino the "Pinocchio" which had a bit of cinnamon & I had the regular .. we both agreed that it was a great success!  
After a fun day on the beach sunbathing & jet skiing we were very ready for lunch! Prior to the trip I "Yelp'd" nearly every single restaurant in South Beach, & was happy to find the easy winner for authentic Cuban food :) Puerto Sagua is walking distance from the beach & was packed for lunch which made me even more excited to get my grub on! I ordered the large Cuban Sandwich with a side of plantains & the sandwich was pretty good (a little fry in my opinion) but the plantains were on POOOOOOINT!! Seriously so scrumptious & sweet .. I gobbled all of them up aside from the half of one that I shared with David. He got the fish of the day which was a fried Grouper Filet ... BOMB DOT COM .. it was so moist & flaky. I wouldn't typically go for a dish like that, but I'm glad that he did because I liked it way more than my sandwich & the portion of fish was huge. Our server was so sweet & brought a delicious tres leches cake out since we were celebrating David's birthday .. lets just say that I probably  ate way more than he did. Overall it was a fun experience with good food at a good price, but next time I'm definitely going to skip the sandwich & go for the Ropa Vieja instead :)
I hope that you enjoyed this little foodie trip through South Beach! 


  1. I just had dinner but I think you made me hungry again. hehehehehe!

  2. OMG I am so hungry right now I have not eaten yet today. Ah all this food looks wonderful! Great post. : )

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