Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tasty Tuesdays: Making Better Choices

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For this edition of Tasty Tuesdays I wanted to share with all of you some little changes we've been making around our house! To first paint you a picture of my eating habit background, I have to bring you back to elementary school where I was affectionately nicknamed the "Garbage Disposal." This cute little name was granted to me because I always had the "weird lunches" aka sandwiches on whole wheat fiber rich bread with "grass" (sprouts) sticking out of it & the occasional rice ball. Looking back I appreciate my Mom's effort to provide me with nutritious lunches, but at the time all I really wanted was a LUNCHABLE...is it too much to ask?!?!

Anyways, now that I'm a big girl & allowed to decide what goes in my shopping cart I've noticed that I don't always make the best choices. I LOVE cheese, quesidillas, carbs, ice cream, wings,  snacks .. pretty much everything, but like all good things they come to an end. In the past couple of years my eating habits have slowly began showcasing themselves in some less than desirable locations on my body. With David's recent health problems (gall stones) we've had to become more conscious of what types of food we consume to make sure that he stays healthy. Since the new year we have been avidly exercising daily as well as making better choices at the grocery store & here are some of the changes we've made.

1) Carrots
I got the idea to start munching on carrots after work from Ashley instead of coming home & gorging out on chips & salsa. I usually take a little of container of them to work with some humus & eat them midday between breakfast & lunch. They are also great for your skin & eyesight!

2) Pretzels
When I'm really craving chips or something with a little salt I go for Pretzels. One thing to pay attention to is your portion control, so make sure to put them in a bowl rather than just eating directly out of the bag so you don't accidentally eat the entire bag :)  

3) Naked Juice: Green Machine
For those days when you just need a boost I love drinking a glass of the Green Machine. I've also used the juice is protein shakes after a work out. Don't be fooled by bottled "fruit juice" at the store because a lot of bottled juices are filled with tons of sugar & very little actual fruit juice (make sure to check the ingredients).

4) Fage
Greek Yogurt definitely takes some adjusting to, but give it a try! It has a lot of protein in it without any fat & comes in yummy flavors including my two favorites Strawberry Goji & Apple Cinnamon :) When I sleep in & don't have time to make breakfast I always bring these to work.

5) Clementines
I just love them, it's pretty simple. They're easy to peel & you can get a huge crate of them for under $5 which can last you up to 2 weeks. Not to mention they're portable & they can almost fix your sweet tooth craving for ice cream down from 3 scoops to 1 ... maybe :)

6) Chia-Seed Pudding
I tried this pudding Sunday after lunch at David's parent's house. I was EXTREMELY skeptical at first considering it looked kinda like boogers, but I was pleasantly surprised. After eating it the texture reminded me a bit of tapioca pudding, with a more natural sweetness from the agave nectar. It's such a simple recipe & something that you can have in the fridge on call for when you want a little snack. Chia seeds have been gaining a lot of popularity lately & you can see some of their different benefits in this article.

By making changes in my eating habits & upping my exercising to 1 hour of solid cardio 5 days a week I'm already seeing some really positive changes in just 1 week :) The most difficult part now is keeping up these positive lifestyle changes, but but having a partner throughout it all makes it a lot easier (thanks David!!). In no way do I think I'm an expert on fitness & eating, but I wanted to share with you a couple steps that have worked for me! Side effects of these changes: my clothes fit better, I'm proud of myself, & I have more energy <3


  1. Good for you! It really is amazing how a few little changes totally change the way you feel. I have been trying to do the same thing. I tried really hard to like Greek yogurt, but it ended up making me feel kinda sick and I ended up using the rest that I bought in a cake. :) Fail....

  2. I really need to commit to making some changes too! Totally know what you mean about loving cheese, etc... all the good stuff, haha. And saying the chia seed pudding looked like boogers made me laugh! lol


  3. I actually had chia seed pudding last night! I added some bananas and a swirl of peanut butter to liven things up since i was using unsweetened almond milk instead of the chocolate I often use.



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