Thursday, January 3, 2013

Gold Glitter Liner

I wanted to share with you ladies my new favorite makeup discovery, glitter liner!! While Black Friday shopping a while back I saw an employee at J. Crew (I wasn't shopping for myself) who had the coolest glitter eyeliner, since then I've been on the hunt. This past weekend while browsing Sephora I spotted the magic glitter liner for only $13 :) There were a bunch of different colors but I decided on gold since it matched perfectly with my NYE outfit.  
I was surprised when I opened up the liner & saw that there's also a mascara wand attached to it, so you can use it as liner, mascara, or both! I've only worn the glitter liner above my regular black liner, but I'm excited to experiment with wearing it in different ways :) Have any of you discovered any fun new makeup?

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