Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bon Voyage :)

Hello Everyone!! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend :) Today's post has been pre-written because as you're reading this I'm traveling along the deep blue sea cruising for the next week with David!! Don't worry, I haven't abandoned you some of my favorite bloggers are going to share with you about their travels. On Wednesday Katie from "Today I Want" will be over here sharing about some of her favorite trips. On Thursday Tammy from "A Loyal Love" will be making you jealous with the most gorgeous pictures from her honeymoon. Last but not least Friday, Trisha from "Fashion According to the Menu" will be filling you in on her most recent trip to Europe. A huge thanks to the three of them for helping me out while I'm gone!! Can't wait to show you all the pictures & fill you all in on the vacation when I get back :)

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