Friday, December 28, 2012

Tis the season of Giveaway!

Ok, so I know that Christmas has passed & that all of you are so over presents :) Just kidding who could ever get sick of presents?! When I started my blog back in December of 2010 I didn't know the first thing about blogging let alone any other bloggers in the area. Through this blog & these past two years I feel as though my eyes have been opened & I feel so blessed to have made such great friends & readers! I love reading all of your comments & they totally make my day :) As a small thank you for your support & sweet words I wanted to put together a small giveaway as a token of my appreciation! I've picked pieces & products that I wear & love <3 Below are the rules for the giveaway as well as what goodies are included in it!
1) My favorite liquid eyeliner everrr!
2) Smashbox eye shadow in "Enchanted" for a fun smokey eye :)
3) Maybelline Color Show polish "Purple Icon" to pretend it's summer.
4) Gel Makeup Bag perfect for throwing in your purse on the go <3
5) Diamond Bottle Opener for those days when you need a fabulous drink.
6) Mini Notebook to record all the funny things that happen throughout the day :)

** This is not a sponsored giveaway, I purchased these products for you ladies because I <3 ya!
PS: If you win this giveaway & you have an iPhone 4/4s I have a bonus surprise for you.

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  1. Nice giveaway !!

    i followed
    hope you'll follow back also
    my fb : is Elegantesque
    and my twitter is elegantesque

    Elegantesque Blog

  2. LOVE IT!!! and how did I not already like your facebook?!? so awesome, hope i win!!

  3. What a sweet giveway hun. I entered all the required stuff :) My fav gift I got was actually 2 things. This gorgeous watch from arden b. White wrist band and rose gold dial.. soo pretty.. Then the hubby got me a galaxy note tablet. Totally unexpected. Thanks for the awesome giveway!

  4. Thank you! Best gift was having ALL of my family together!

  5. Great giveaway...unfortunately I don't do twitter or FB...I am so anti too much social media...I can't keep up...hahaha

    My favorite present this year was finding out my Blueberry is a girl...oh and I got a nice rocking/gliding chair...haha

  6. My favorite gift I got this year was a record player but when I win, this will be my favorite gift!!

  7. My favorite gift this year was being with my family. We all got to be together safely after a huge move for us for the 2nd time in 2 years. (:

  8. Mr.husband bought me 3 pairs of Black Milk leggings for Christmas! It's such a great gift because it isn't something I would have splurged on for myself :)
    Xoxox kat


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