Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tasty Tuesdays: Jamaican Me Hungry!

This time last Tuesday I was finishing up a delicious food tasting at 876 Cafe with some of my favorite bloggers! I had planned to do a post as soon as I got home, but quickly realized that the food coma I was in wouldn't permit for any blogging. I was so excited when Ijeoma contacted me with the opportunity to try some authentic Jamaican cuisine & let me tell you 876 Cafe did not disappoint! This hidden gem is only a minute away from the Van Ness Metro & is the perfect place for a bite to eat after a busy work day. This fairly new restaurant is family owned by the dynamic brother sister duo of Michael & Moreen. We had the pleasure of getting to hear the background of the restaurant & the family's rich culinary history from Moreen as well as have our taste buds spoiled by Michael's creations.

The tasting started off with "Rasti" which is a Caribbean style Long Island Iced Tea. I love tropical flavors & this refreshing drink definitely started the tasting off in the right direction :) Another fun little fact about the Rasti is that a regular sized Rasti is only $2.00 on Tuesdays aka your new favorite spot has arrived!!

Now on to the food .. my mouth is already starting to water just thinking about these amazing spring rolls! These are no ordinary spring rolls & they will redefine what you expect from a spring roll. The spring rolls were filled with curry, chicken, chick peas, carrots, & cabbage. The rolls were paired with a pineapple chutney which complimented the subtle heat of the curry.

Next up is my new favorite thing in the E-N-T-I-R-E-W-O-R-L-D .. yes it's that serious & yes they were THAT good. Alright alright I guess I should let you in on what I'm talking about .. 3 words JERK-CHICKEN-WRAP :) These flavor packed wraps literally blew my mind & just to make sure I wasn't imaging it I ate 3 1/2 of them! These magnificent little things are filled with jerk chicken, jack cheese, pineapple, tomato, lettuce, & some magical crack sauce. They were so fantastic that I bought a wrap (only $6!!) to take home to David so that he could experience it :)

 Last up was a refreshing fruit punch made up of guava, mango, & passion fruit .. it's pretty much like going on a tropical vacation! Morgan & I ended up staying afterwards to try the "adult version" aka the best Rum Punch of my liiiiiiife :)

I really enjoyed the food & ambiance at 876 Cafe & will definitely be visiting again! I also loved that a lot of the other patrons at the restaurant were regulars & that Moreen took time to personally check on each one of them. I see great things for this restaurant in the future & encourage you to stop by for a real taste of Jamaica!

Such a lovely group of ladies to spend the evening with! 
(Thanks for the pic Morgan)
[LtoR] Me, Morgan, Trisha, Lisha, Steph & Jess, & Amanda

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  1. You made this place sound amazing! I look forward to checking it out :)


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