Monday, December 10, 2012


I can't believe that there's less than 3 weeks left of 2012!! Is anyone else in complete disbelief that this past year is already coming to an end?! Either way, it's been a great year filled with so many new experiences & new friendships. I wish that I could fast forward to tomorrow night because I'm going to a food tasting in DC after work & will be sharing with all of you on my experience :)
1. Hangin out with the lovely Carlis at the Party Like a Fashion Blogger Event @South Moon Under!
2. A yummy late night snack of Naan topped with avocado, tomato, grilled chicken, & Mozzarella .. I could seriously live on this for the rest of my life :) 
3. Making more of an effort to be active when I can, I've been running about 6 miles a week.
4. I finally painted my nails! I love bright pinks & purples because they brighten my mood during this dreary weather we've been experiencing.
5. A wonderful Girl's Night In complete with my FAVORITE wine & homemade stuffed shells <3
6. Need I say more?! Pretty much all I want for Christmas, these heels=perfection & you can find them here.
7. Making kissy faces in my car (LOSER-ALERT) pretty happy with how my makeup turned out :)
8. This adorable little face always makes me so happy, I'm so glad that I finally got some much needed Zachary & Aunt Wave time in!
9. Last night I made a You Tube shopping haul video & had a lot of laughs at some of the odd faces I make when I'm talking.

**If you're in the DC area next Monday night I would love to meet you, click here for more details!!

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  1. Hey Waverly! Great meeting you at the SMU Party! I've posted that pic of you if you want to check it out. And I can't believe you thrifted that vest, it's awesome.


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