Friday, December 28, 2012

Happy Holidays

Here's some pictures from all of last week's holiday festivities! Including some unique "wrapping paper" & lots of decorations :) We spent 3 days in Ohio with my family & then celebrated Christmas in Maryland with David's family. It was wonderful getting to see all my relatives & celebrating Christmas twice!
David & I at a friend's house before going out. (Their tree was too pretty to pass up!)
I always get my parents gift cards to restaurants for Christmas so they can go on dates throughout the year. I decided to wrap their presents with magazine pages & I love how they turned out :)
I left a LOT of extra space in my suitcase because I always do lots of shopping when I go home.
Carmel Brulee Latte while waiting. Wearing my typical "airport attire" & happy to be back on the ground after a bumpy flight.
My new Christmas goodies :) My "Mr. T" chain necklace as David calls it, which I got on sale at Kohls while doing some Christmas shopping. This cute little Old Navy Sheep sweater was gifted to me from my little sister (worn here).
Dinner in Ohio, Best cookies ever c/o my Grandma, & some decorations around the house.
Enjoying what little of a white Christmas I had, thank goodness there was only a little snow due to my limited footwear.
We finally got our first Christmas tree!! It's only 2 feet tall, but I'm totally in love with it <3 This Vanilla Cookie candle smells absolutely deeeelish & gives me a semi-cookie fix :)
The down part of the week .. 8 hours in the E.R. with David after a gall attack :(
One of my favorite meals of the year, Christmas Eve Gnocchi (Red Meat Sauce, Pesto, & Gorgonzola)! 

Thanks for letting me share my Christmas memories with you & make sure to sign up for my giveaway <3

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  1. Looks like you had a good time overall. Hope David is feeling better!


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