Monday, December 3, 2012

Green Bricks & Boots

I'm sure most of you have noticed that almost ALL my outfit posts are indoors in front of my hall closet. I'm  also aware that that has probably become a little boring in terms of your viewing pleasures, so I'm trying to switch it up when I can :) This past Saturday I met up for an impromptu lunch date with Carlis of Spicy Candy D.C. which ended up turning into an all out photo shoot involving a stalker cat & giant blue cement balls. Lucky for you I'm sharing only the good ones haha but don't be surprised if I do a bloopers post soon with some of the funny outtake shots!
Sweater, Belt, & Purse-THRIFTED, Leggings-THE LOFT, Boots-IT'S VINTAGE DARLING

I loooove this over sized cardigan/sweater/dress so much for obvious reasons .. it's huge & snugly, but it doesn't usually make appearances in sunlight (it stays indoors specifically on the couch). I tried to make it a bit more flattering by belting it above my waist so that I have at least some sort of shape as opposed to blob.  A huge thanks again to Carlis for taking my pictures & finding me the perfect green alley way to shoot the pictures in since I still get awkward posing when people are walking by .. I'll get over it eventually :)


  1. Great photos! The green wall is such a fun backdrop. :)


  3. Great outfit! I looove your boots and your hair is very beautiful!! :)

    I'm already following your blog, I like all your posts they have great content :) I invite you to follow me too if you like, will coming back looking what's new up here.

    Kisses from Mexico


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