Monday, December 24, 2012

Airport Attire

Hey everyone I know it's been a while since I've blogged, but I have legit excuses! The first excuse is that I just got back home late last night from visiting with my family in Ohio :) The second one is that David has been diagnosed with gall stones so we've been in & out of the emergency room for the last week :( We're trying to find a way for him to avoid having surgery & are trying out some natural cleanses. 
Anyways, now that you're all filled in I wanted to share with you some tips & necessities for airport travels. I've been flying since I was 2 weeks old & have definitely made my share of travel mistakes including: wearing 4 inch heels & carrying on a duffel bag that weighed close to my body weight. Needless to say I learned my lesson after both of those unpleasant experiences & now have my airport game plan down!
Airport Attire
The first picture is the outfit that I traveled in last night & is the perfect example of my "airport uniform." I'm going to go into more detail into the importance of each of the items. PS: I always wear my glasses when flying because nothing is worse than dry & crunchy contacts while up in the air.

Cardigan: I ALWAYS wear a cardigan when flying because you never know if the plane is going to be freezing or if you're going to be sandwiched in the middle seat & sweating .. so at least you're prepared!

Scarf: This one is a bit more for winter/cold weather travel, but I love scarves because they can double as a pillow & cushion your head if you're lucky enough to get a window seat. Also, on our most recent flight there was a huge draft that kept blowing cold air at us & I was so glad to have my over-sized scarf :)

Big Purse: You NEED a big purse to hold all of your airport entertainment & snacks! This one is actually an early Christmas present from David (it's H&M) & it was a perfect match for carrying all my essentials. For my own sanity I try to carry as few bags/luggage with my because it's less to keep track of & when you're running from one flight to another you will appreciate having just 1 bag :)

Jeggings: Under NO circumstances should you wear uncomfortable pants when traveling! I mean come on you're stuck sitting in a terminal & then stuck sitting on a plane make sure your pants are stretchy. I wore an old pair of worn in jeggings from Garage that are all broken in & almost as comfy as a pair of sweats (but look more put together).

Slouchy Tee: When going through security & having to strip down nothing is worse than having to worry if your crack or stomach is hanging out .. so the solution is a SLOUCHY TEE! This baby will keep you covered & allow you some breathing room if you've done any extra eating on your travels :)

Shoes: Biggest mistake ever (besides 4 inch heels) was wearing converses to the airport & having to untie & retie them while trying to rush through security... NEVER wear shoes with laces! Also a plus to wearing my new Target wedge sneakers is that my bare feet did't have to touch the sketchy airport floor because I had socks on as opposed to when I wear flats.
Other flight necessities: Laptop, Magazine, Snack, & Gum! 
(Not pictured head phones & husband)

I hope this quick little travel round up was helpful & Merry Christmas Eve to all of you! Stay tuned because after Christmas there's going to be a fun little giveaway going on :)

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